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Kokujin Tensai - Abare Houdai


sound: Hiphop
format: CD


Track List
2.Hip Hopの世界支配 feat. Black Fox & Jay L
3.Tバック feat. Black Fox & Jay L
4.助けて feat. Jay L & Jonny Esco
5.Hip Hop Champion feat. Black Fox, Jay L & D.C.
6.Green 黒狐 feat. Black Fox & Jay L
7.アシもと Ashimoto (Remix) feat. Black Fox & Monchan
8.Freeze feat. Jay L
10.Wassup feat. Jonny Esco
14.君の事 feat. Black Fox & Jay L
15.森の中 feat. Black Fox & Jay L

Joshua Lawson was born May 8, 1988 and and move from Oregon to Memphis his eighth-grade school year. After graduating high school, Joshua enrolled in college at the University of Memphis. The trio met in a Japanese class at the university. They bounded so quickly because of their love for Southern-Syle Hip Hop music and Japanese. As a gifted singer, Joshua would make music and sing on the hook for his friends. One day Eric asked Joshua to create a hook for him in Japanese and the rest is history. From that point on, Joshua performed all his music in Japanese.

Eric Koffi, was born July 2, 1985 in Denton , TX. Eric moved to Memphis in 1993. Currently attending the University of Memphis, Eric wanted to challenge himself so he chose Japanese. Though a difficult endeavor, he mastered the complex language in a short length of time. Consequently, the Dean of the Japanese department endowed Eric with the nickname, Kokujin Tensai; which translates to black genius. To challenge himself further, Eric decided to perform Hip Hop Southern-Style in Japanese. Subsequently uploading some songs to the Internet, resulted in Japanese promoters sending Eric to perform in The Land of the Rising Sun. Japanese Hip Hop enthusiasts had never seen an African-American perform rap in Japanese. However the overwhelming reception gave way to Eric’s plan to perfect the art upon graduation this year. Eric has done many shows in Japan before and has a huge following there. If you googled Kokujin Tensai, you will get millions of results.

Possibly, the rarest of the trio is Ray Rodney Jr. Ray was born August 12, 1982 on a Marine Corps military base in North Carolina. Shortly after, Marine parents accepted a military assignment in Japan. They chose an nontraditional manner of educating Ray and his younger sister in Japan. Instead of complying with the average American life on base, The Rodney’s took the unprecedented step of educating the siblings in traditional Japanese schools outside the military compound. Consequently, both Ray Jr. and his sister Montana became bilingual and bi-literal in both Japanese and English. Upon completion of Japanese high school and their parents’ retirement from the U.S. military, the Rodney family returned to the United States and attempted to settle in their mother’s hometown of New Orleans, La. But Hurricane Katrina imposed its wrath on the Rodney's, and caused them to evacuate to several states and finally settled in Memphis, Tennessee. The most recent move to Tennessee allowed the family to complete their goal of a Japanese Studies core curriculum offered at the University of Memphis. Additionally Ray’s participation in the program added to the university’s advancement of allowing the Japanese Studies Program to be offered as a major. Ray will be the first U of M graduate with a Japanese Studies degree as a major. Ray is an independent translating contractor for Brother Computers and owns a translation company. While in Japan , Ray appeared in music videos, instructional videos, etc. Ray loves performing and has united with Eric and Joshua to pursue a Hip-Hop career in Japan.

This CD debut is unprecedented. You have never seen or heard of any all African-American collaboration of Hip Hop of Down South Style performed in Japanese. Even though you don't understand the lyrics, you would say to yourself "these are some are dynamic tracks."

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